Our approach.


J osie Michelle Events is about celebrating life, sharing happiness and making it memorable. We understand that your big day is not just a date on the calendar, but a collection of experiences, sentiments and hopes for the future. That's why we make it our priority to learn your story, interpret it with meaningful detail and make a lasting impression for you and your guests.

We look forward to meeting you!



Count on us to:

  • Smile when we meet you.
    That's what happens when you love your job!
  • Listen to you.
    How else can we hit the nail on the head?
  • Be different.
    Because you're different.
  • Pay attention to detail.
    We know that everything matters!
  • Be on time.
    What else would we be doing on your big day?
  • Give you peace of mind.
    So that you can enjoy the moment.
  • Exceed your expectations.
    For our personal satisfaction.
  • Make people happy.
    We honestly can't think of anything better to do.